Schedule an automatic-drawing divination session

Ask questions; know thyself

Come with an intention, question or life challenge. Together we will call upon higher forces to help illuminate answers that are aligned with your highest path!

Get divinated soul guidance through automatic drawing

In the process of the drawing I channel insights and messages that manifest as shapes and symbols on paper. These symbols combine to form coherent messages for your soul’s evolution.

Go home with an original artwork

Keep the original drawing to meditate and reflect on! For remote sessions I will mail the drawing to you.

I would definitely recommend booking a session! I found the intuitive drawing to be very eye-opening and thought-provoking. With Ash’s guidance and probing questions, it helped me have more introspection to my own question and led me to my own answers. It gave me fresh insight and left me with a stronger confidence in the right path for me.

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Payment Methods Accepted

Payments may be made at time of drawing.

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