lions gate egyptian art beyond the illusion podcast banner

Above art: “Lion’s Gate”

In May I was interviewed on the ‘Beyond The Illusion’ podcast with Tianna Roser and Tim Howe. I met Tianna at the ‘Total Eclipse from the Heart’ festival we both attended in Dripping Springs, Texas for the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse. At the festival I gave Tianna an automatic drawing divination session and she invited me to join the podcast to talk about my process! I had a lot of fun chatting with Tianna and Tim about automatic drawing, the story behind my Twelve Mushrooms oracle deck, and some of my thoughts on spirituality and the Age of Aquarius.

Here is a link to the podcast episode on their website. It includes a direct audio file, written transcript, and link to the episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. They have a treasure trove of many other great conversations so I encourage you to give those a listen too!

Episode description:

“Art serves as a medium for self-expression, healing & connecting to higher realms of consciousness. Can doodling be a spiritual practice? This week’s guest, Ash Mystic, shares his unique practice of providing intuitive readings through his art doodling, better known as Automatic Drawing, and the synchronicities that led to the awakening of this ability. Highlights:

  • What is Automatic Drawing & how did Ash come to do it?
  • Can anyone do art divination or is it only for people who are naturally artistic?
  • How did these last two big US eclipses affect Ash on his spiritual journey?
  • What’s the story behind the Twelve Mushrooms Oracle deck?
  • What does “beyond the illusion” mean to Ash?
  • In our highly polarized world, how can we transcend the duality perspective without spiritually bypassing?
  • What is Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory?
  • What inspired his Temple of Divine Light piano music album?
  • What are some of the keynotes of this early phase of the Aquarian Age?”