Conventional wisdom associates growth with getting larger. This is true on a physical level - we see it with plants growing bigger and taller, and ourselves growing bigger and taller from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. We also see it with increased responsibilities, increased knowledge and skills, etc. etc. However at least in some regards, spiritual growth is more about embracing smallness - bringing our ego and awareness to a condensed centeredness that balances out our outward expansion.

I channeled the following meditation about this theme on the recent Aries New Moon (the astrological new year). I wrote this during the monthly Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Art Church (which I highly recommend joining!). The theme this moon is courage. I felt called to write about how embracing smallness takes courage.

declaration for smallness meditation

(If you want to buy a print/poster of the declaration it is available here.)

As a sort of side note, I felt called to share this meditation today because it seems to really resonate with the Galactic Signature for today in the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar, which is Red Magnetic Skywalker. The Skywalker tribe is guided by Maya, high priestess of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades. The Magnetic tone symbolizes Unity and Purpose, and the Skywalker tribe - Space and Consciousness. Red Magnetic Skywalker also happens to be my Galactic Signature, with today being my Galactic birthday in the 260-day Tzolkin cycle :)

More info about the Dreamspell calendar including finding your own Galactic Signature can be found at!

Here is the meditation in text form:

โ€œDeclaration for Smallnessโ€

Beneath the many layers of identity - profession, culture, gender, body, emotions, and mind - lies our core being: a single point of consciousness - a singularity that seeds universes.

Paradoxically, to tap into the power of our true being we are being called to surrender to that smallness, through ego death, shadow work, humility, selflessness and stillness.

The mass of our soul remains constant. So when we condense the volume, our density increases towards a critical mass. Eventually we form a black hole / white hole / grey hole - a gateway to connect to the holographic network of the universe, THE gateway to connect with and activate the Galactic Federation of Light-beings and starseeds.

Thus in our smallness we are infinite, joined together with all, in purity of heart.