starseeds stars digital art animated gif

Above art: β€œStarseeds”

Here’s a poem I wrote this Friday as part of my weekly poetry group. The theme was writing about our sense of self-identity. I wrote about my multidimensional nature as a spirit and human.

β€œI Am, You Are”

I am a spiritual being having a human experience,
Said Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
Sometimes I forget I’m spirit.
Sometimes I forget I’m human.

I try to remember this origin,
When the pain feels too much
Or when it feels too meaningless.

Sometimes the remembrance chains me to eternal suffering.
Sometimes it sets me free.

Sometimes I sit in a room full of people
And feel completely alone.
And sometimes,
I see other spirits - glowing and warm -
Like bright burning stars against the jet black sky of a new moon,
Shining light for each other until we have no more to give.