hagen protector guide colored pencil drawing art

Above art: “My Protector Guide, Hagen”

Here’s a poem I wrote yesterday as part of my weekly poetry group. The theme was writing a letter to someone/something. I decided to write it to my Protector Spirit Guide, Hagen! I drew the sketch as part of an activity last year with The Current Way Metaphysical and Spiritual Development Group, which was meant to connect us with our spirit guides. (The Current Way meets on Zoom and in Gates Mills, Ohio every Tuesday evening if you’d like to join!)

According to Spiritualism, everyone has a group of core spirit guides, including a protector. If you’d like to connect with your own, reading this poem may help initiate a conversation with them!

“Letter to my Protector Guide”

You’re not always in my thoughts,
But you’re always in my shadow.
How long have you been there?
Since the sun rose from my horizon?

How many times have you guided me out of harm’s way?
How many close calls went unnoticed?
How many death notes got erased since I was born?

Even though you’ve always been with me, I’ve only just met you, really.
Hazy yet secure: you have a strong calming presence, a name, and a sketch.

I am excited about this chapter: Where a background character comes into focus.
Thank you for choosing this partnership and journey.

When I feel scared, lonely or lost,
I shall call for your help.
And I trust you’ll be there even when I don’t.