the god within me digital art

Above art: “The God Within Me”

True story:

About 6 years ago in a parking lot, a man I never met before randomly asked me if I believe in God, and then he pointed to the sky. I don’t remember what I answered at the time, but the interaction bothered me for quite a while. It took a long time to understand what part of his question actually bothered me… A couple years later I realized it wasn’t that he asked if I believe in God, but that he pointed to the sky, implying that God is outside of and above me.

The philosophy of solipsism states that the only thing we really know to be true is the self. That is the only thing we can really rely on. And that is the only thing we really need.

This perspective is not to inflate our ego or imply we are better than “others”. In the field of unified consciousness (termed the “Divine Matrix” by metaphysician Greg Braden), the separation of “Self” and “other” is just an illusion anyway. What we consider self is just a point or nexus of consciousness - like a wrinkle in a blanket, a ripple in a pond. A cast stone will affect the field around it. Self is a mirror for other. Inner reflects outer. And vice versa.

So this is all to say that we are all ONE, but also that our collective healing and abundance will manifest from us realizing our full potential as individuals - our potential for profound impact on the collective field, like a small pattern on a fractal replicating to infinity. Thus we are like God(s).

So if I see that man again or get asked the same question, I’ll respond, “I believe in the God within me.”

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