free spirit digital art

Above art: β€œFree Spirit”

Is your spirit free?

The connection between freedom, structure and the present moment.

πŸŒžπŸ› Structure (e.g. routines, plans, commitments, jobs, hierarchy, institutions) represent the gift of the divine masculine: a safe container and safety net to play within.

🌝🌬 Intuition represents the gift of the divine feminine: an inner knowing of the right course of action in any moment.

Structures become bigger and stronger the further out you emanate from the present moment (think: job, insurance, 401k, etc.). But the present moment is where intuition flows and magick happens! It is the state in which our soul finds empowerment and freedom.

To be a free spirit- to flow in the present moment- requires discipline to create and follow our own structures. We must trust the feelings and messages and signs within and around us from moment to moment. We must trust in a new paradigm of being.

When we do this, we become unstoppable bringers of the New Earth πŸŒπŸŒˆπŸ¦‹

free spirit digital art

πŸ“Έ The art was inspired by this 1925 Yantra Yoga photo by Charlotte Rudolph and Vassily Kandinsky. Yantra Yoga explores the movements, spaces and shapes that our body takes up.