cosmic flow watercolor art

Above art: “Cosmic Flow”

red rhythmic moon dreamspell calendar

Today is Red Rhythmic Moon in the Dreamspell Calendar, which both represents and is guided by the power of Universal Water/Flow. When I saw that this morning it helped me realize that my emotions currently feel blocked. So it inspired me to play this song “The River” by Aurora, which is about releasing emotion. I lay down and started sobbing almost as soon as it started. I felt a lot lighter and clearer afterward.

aurora the river music video screenshot

From the music video for “The River” by Aurora

Aurora was actually inspired to write this song after learning about the current epidemic of people (especially men) who resist showing any sadness or weakness and the many who end up taking their own lives because they feel shame in reaching out for support. (This by the way is one expression of Toxic Masculinity.) Aurora reminds us that it’s healing and important to express our emotions, i.e. “You gotta feel it to heal it.”

So remember, you can cry ❤️

Listen/watch “The River” by Aurora on YouTube: