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Soul Guidance • Intention Manifestation • Elemental Alchemy • Light Activation

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Tap into the esoteric realm

Calling upon intuitive guidance, Ash Cosm draws portraits of the underlying fabric of reality –  illuminating universal forces and patterns within our own psyche. Grounded in Sacred Geometry and nature-based mythological archetypes, these personalized drawings provide guidance for intention manifestation and evolution of consciousness.

What is a channeled intuitive drawing?

Just below the surface of our conscious awareness lies the bountiful waters of intuitive wisdom. This is the wellspring from which esoteric knowledge from throughout the ages springs forth. Receiving and interpreting this information is a combined effort of the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects of ourselves, a sacred synthesis. We first open our heart to the hyper-dimensional realities of the Multiverse and then apply our mind toward the understanding and integration of these patterns into our lives.

In the context of this particular practice messages appear as projections onto two-dimensional paper, but the same principles work for any artistic medium. Importantly, this connection to Source and higher dimensions is reserved for no One. It is a birthright of every human on Earth, and through conscious awareness and practice it can be harnessed by all.



The channeled drawing : step-by-step

A channeled drawing begins by working with you to distill and set a clear intention. The intention may be for guidance around a particular life challenge, insight into a metaphysical concept, or just opening even more into your divine essence. You are then invited to enter into a meditative state while the actual drawing takes place. The drawing is followed by an interpretation and discussion. You get to keep the original drawing, which can be used as a subject for meditation and further exploration.

Schedule a Drawing

60 Min. Drawing •  $80

(Available in Austin, TX area)

What’s Included:

  • Intention Setting
  • Drawing & Meditation
  • Interpretation & discussion
  • Original pen drawing is yours to keep
  • See optional add-ons below

60 Min. Remote Drawing •  $60

(Available over phone, Facetime or Google Voice)

What’s Included:

  • 10-minute phone call to set intention
  • 20-minute drawing
  • 20-minute phone call for interpretation and discussion
  • Original pen drawing is mailed to you
  • See optional add-ons below

Drawing Add-ons

Watercolor Original •  $30

What’s Included:

  • Get your original drawing painted in watercolor, giving even more life to the symbols.
  • Painting will happen after the session and will be mailed within a week.

Digital Colored Version •  $30

What’s Included:

  • Receive a digital colored version of your drawing composed as a montage/tessellation. Symbols morph and combine, adding extra levels of meaning to your drawing.
  • Digital image is created and sent in about a week.
  • Image sent as a high-resolution PNG file.

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