Tools for Raising Consciousness

Engage your audience with interactive tools, calculators and simulations


Here are some reasons to consider a custom interactive web-based tool for raising awareness, vibration and audience engagement:



Often underutilized, one of the most powerful features of the web is its interactive nature. Dynamic tools bring static information to a whole new dimension. It also makes website use more fun!

90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and an estimated 65 percent of the human population are visual learners. So targeting visual learning online is an efficient method for knowledge retention.

Mathematics and geometry are fundamental keys to understanding the cosmos and linking the familiar microcosm with the divine macrocosm. Communicating these concepts in a direct way raises the vibration of the noosphere and aids in our collective evolution.

With a degree in Computer Science & Engineering and 5+ years professional experience creating software applications and websites, I offer fully-custom interactive tools optimized for your website.

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